✧A Brief Herstory of Herbal & Floral Wisdom: The Power of Magik

✧A Brief Herstory of Herbal & Floral Wisdom: The Power of Magik

✧The herstory of tea as medicine is one that belongs to shamans; healers; herbalists; midwives; and souls inclined towards studying the healing aspects of the earth in a non-linear way. These trail-blazers envisioned the earth as a sacred space where they could bring in intuitive arts into practice by developing a relationship to plant medicine. With the emergence of patriarchal models of healing and modern medicine, all these communities were banished, brutalized, or burnt at the stake. But, ‘why?’  ‘what could be so daunting about knowing the healing properties of plants?’  It is simple. Knowing plant medicine was and continues to be a powerful way to own our wellness, our bodies, and our souls in holistic ways.  Free of religion, free of models, the wild earth provided and provides untameable wisdom.✧

✧But now, again by 2020… in a way, HISTORY repeats itself. The models of patriarchy have extended through capitalism leaving us deaf to the wisdom of the earth. We have forgotten that for everything we take from the earth (a living entitity) we must give back or, suffer the consequences. We are already suffering the consequences. Today, we must reclaim ancient practices. Again, shamans; healers; herbalists; midwives; alternative therapists; and souls engaged in finding sacred balance on earth, must speak and share their wisdom. But this wisdom is more powerful than we think. By engaging in these practices we are resisting & disrupting the order of centuries of imposed linearity.

✧Entering a space of herbal and floral connection, is entering a non-linear and sensuous space. Sipping tea, inviting the herbs and flowers to enter our system, to take the time to receive, to listen to interpretations, to divine yourself. It is already building an ancestral connection to the earth. As we sip, we are creating new neural-connections, we are pleasuring ourselves, inviting the unseen to be seen…exploring the mystical aspects of ourselves and the earth who speaks through the senses. Reclaiming our sacred space in the order of things.The story really is of US. In order to rebuild new and more healthy relationships with the earth; with our resources; with our beliefs and spiritual practices, we must invite spaces to pause and reinvent ourselves.

✧ I am  listening to my calling to facilitate tea and plant based readings this 2020 & opening routes to creating a story of US: creating balance between ying and yang. I am taking tea consultations in person in Toronto and plant based readings online per reservation. I am also divining tarot and oracles. I started my path with divination through many past lives and  I re-joined this path on this lifetime when I was 13 years old.  With Peru Flow I practiced on a small time basis yet, I’ve recently been called to offer more of these services with clients as a beautiful co-creation where meditation, prayer, and positive soul mapping takes place. Reservations are being open for the end of January, 2020. You can book your reading at my shop here: https://peruflow.ca/shop/

These are beautiful times to make a difference, may we make a difference together.


Alexandra England