4 ways to eat by the light of the moon ::BONUS ::LUNATRACKER

4 ways to eat by the light of the moon ::BONUS ::LUNATRACKER

 Both the Moon and the Sun influence the ocean tides. The Moon plays the biggest role because it is closer to the earth than the sun. For instance, the biggest changes of the tides come on Full and New Moons.  Sleep patterns, animal behaviour, tides, menstruation cycles are all synchronized to the cycle of the moon.  Today, we want to work on 4 Ways to eat for your moon cycle. I will be giving important insights on moon archetypes, and providing you with nutrition ideas for each lunar phase. The whole idea is to attune our nature with nature. Ready?

The New Moon represents that place in the lunar cycle where the sky is completely dark. She represents the crone or the wise woman. She is that part of our psyche that is ancient, and at the end of  a lifetime. It is the most psychic phase where meditation, and divination can be a source for reflection and vision for the next stages of the cycle. This is our inner winter time when we rest, and reset. It is the time of menstruation, and regeneration. In her book  ‘ The Red Tent’ Anita Diamant, talks about tribal times when womyn would retreat to a red tent during the menstrual time, or moon time. This was considered a sacred time of  rest, and bonding between womyn in the community. Miranda Grey, author and facilitator of workshops on the cyclic nature of women and women’s spirituality and energies, mentions that in ancient times womyn used to have their moon time during this time because a woman’s cycle was attuned to moonlight.  This would be the period of rest for nature.  Regardless of where your cycle falls, noticing this is important, and going deeper into the layers of finding synchronicities with the moon can be a work of self-love & love to the earth’s rhythms.

 My New Moon Menu::: Soothing tea elixirs. Whole food and organic stews, soups, and hot plates that nourish your body-mind-spirit.  Temperature of food is important for this time, preferably nourish your body with warm cooked foods. If you have salad cravings on a hot summer day, follow your cravings, but don’t forget to incorporate hot or warm tea elixirs into your diet.  Cravings are more prone to emerge on this moon, hence give yourself the most vitamins, and supplements.  Imagine that this time you are recharging your batteries, so add more superfoods into smoothies or teas, sleep more, nourish your soul with activities you love to do, and enter your RESET cave with all that it takes.  This is a special time that lasts from 3-7 days, honor it, and rest & recharge in a holistic way. Enjoy!

 The Waxing Moon  comes right after the new moon.  As the Moon waxes (the amount of illuminated surface as seen from Earth is increasing) the lunar phases progress from new moon into crescent moon, first-quarter moon, gibbous moon, and full moon.  As the light of the moon begins to show in the sky once more, the archetype of the Maiden, or the Virgin awakens. She is our inner spring period. Glorified in society’s new age, she is the teenager in us.  She is the Artemis within us; independent, energetic, youthful, enterprising, uncompromising, and beginning life.  This is the time of the month when projects can begin to take form. When work presentations, business plans, important meetings can take place with success because of the maiden’s attitude which blossoms into our psyche as a re-awakening.  This time represents the time of  pre-ovulation, or the follicular phase of our  moon cycle (when bleeding has just finished). Regardless of what society tell us, we must understand that all archetypes are equally important in order to integrate them into our psyches and lives.

 Waxing Moon Menu::: Our bodies and psyches are living through a re-birth so everything you gave thought to during your New Moon period is beginning to manifest.  For instance: If you decided to start eating better, this is the time when you actually start to incorporate more whole foods into your diet.  Whatever you feed mentally, spiritually, physically, will begin to take form and blossom fully during the next the phase which is the Full Moon.  This is a good time to start new eating habits, re-allign  goals, and when you feel physically at your best.  Enjoy nourishing foods that would nourish your dreams.   Incorporating a routine is key during this period. Enjoy, seasonal foods that would give you an extra boost of wellness, try new foods that you would love, embrace new recipes, and become a food adventurer.  For the maiden an ideal nutrition plan would be: a fresh smoothie in the morning, oatmeal, or warm porridge.  Play with warm and cold and see what your body needs to feel better. Amplify your intake of water and whole foods into your diet for optimum health results. As you are more active during this time, incorporate more protein and healthy fats into your diet such as, avocado, organic almond butter, nuts, etc.  Make sure you snack, and give yourself time to sleep well.  This is a very creative and entrepreneurial phase, and sometimes we tend to neglect sleep.. make sure you make it to the Full Moon with enough energy!

 Full Moon is when the tides are flowing high, when energies are magnified to the fullest.  The Full Moon is a time of complete closure and celebration. It represents our inner summer time.  We celebrate a cycle of 28 days. Whatever we soulfully brought to light in this period is accentuated during this time. The Full Moon represents the archetype of the Mother. She who has birthed a labour of soul for 28 days.  Both death and life are awoken in our psyches. This is why this can be a sensitive time, and one of depth in so many ways.  Not one way, or the other. During Full Moons we feel it all, and this can be confusing, emotional, disorienting at times. So it is highly recommended to prepare 3 days before the full moon. The more we bring awareness into what has been working well for us, and what needs an emotional release, the smoother the ride. The questions for this moon are: What am I mothering during this period? What projects have turned out the way I envisioned? And, what projects need tweaks? How am I leading my plans, relationships, expectations?  The Mother, more than a psychical mother, represents the fierce LEADER within us.  One that knows how to maneuver the tide of her life in ways so powerful, and honest, that her authority lies without question. She is pro her own life and wellness. She protects, and nourishes her life to bloom in authentic ways.

Full Moon Menu::: Just like the new moon, this is a period when the energies are high. Nutrition should be supportive of nervous system, and regenerating. During this time, and before making any decisions, ask yourself: is this going to nourish me and support me fully?  During Full Moons I would go back to my tea elixirs, and warm comforting foods that make you feel whole here, and now.  For example: soups, fresh balanced dishes that include protein, and snacks like almonds, kefir yogurt. The whole idea of this period is to avoid anything that would exacerbate the already HIGH energies, so not a lot of spices, or chili would be recommended in order to balance energies. Anti-inflammatory whole foods like wild berries, herbal teas, soups, and light yet nourishing foods are great for this period. This is a period where emotional eating, and cravings are prone to blossom… BE PREPARED: Mother yourself, step into your kitchen, and prepare some amazing cacao balls for snacks, shop some whole food goodies and make some healthy recipes, visit your local farmer’s markets, rejoin your community, and make a dinner for your loved ones! The Full Moon is a social time where we nourish from each other because we cannot live without one another in good, and bad times. So go out there, receive and give support. Be beautiful, whole, full, vulnerable, intense like the Full Moon in its most positive ways.

The Waning Moon is the period when the  light of the moon begins its descent into the darkness. It is our inner Fall time.  This period represents the Enchantress. She is our truth teller bringing boundaries into the scene, and creating structures so that we can rest later during our dark moon time. During this period our psyche is immersed in gathering energies, and forces us to arrive into winter fully prepared. However, this takes inner work and some detox from the outer world. This phase represents our pre-menstrual time of the month. The Enchantress takes us into a magical descent into the unknown, into the darkness of the moon.  The Enchantress phase is a period of slow withdrawal where our psyche is living through transformation into the unseen aspects of ourselves, diving into the bleeding period, and into an ending. This period can bring feelings of inadequacy where we can find ourselves less tolerant of social norms, and with mood swings. Our psyche is inviting us to work on our  self-acceptance and self-love. The Enchantress helps us accept aspects of ourselves that we don’t see all through the lunar period.  She is a diviner goddess, revealing aspects of ourselves that we must love, just because they are part of our nature.

The Waning Moon Menu::: This is a very spiritual part of the cycle, a part which we prove our self-love and integration. It is also a part where our hormones are needing balance.  I would invite Ashwagandha & Maca Root, Blue Cohosh Herb into my morning routine via elixirs or, smoothies. Making sure to continue to have enough protein for each meal, fresh fruits, and whole foods are key. More than anything, this is a time to follow your GUT, and to trust in what your body needs. Exercise, go for a walk, make sure you find ways to RELEASE through your body.  Writing or journaling are amazing exercises for this period of time. Again, embracing a diet that is  balanced in protein & healthy fats, consuming natural sugars with moderation, and giving yourself enough sleep to process is key.  This is a time where detoxing your body-mind-spirit is key, so honor the silence, the solitude, the sleep, and ALL the actions that bring you into SELF-LOVE, and health.

I hope this helps! For embracing positive nutrition habits that benefit your bio-individuality in holistic ways, I would be happy to start you off with a complimentary one-on-one Health Coaching session with me.  I will leave a simple moon chart exercise for you to download and explore this season! Let me know how it goes and feel free to comment under if you have any questions.




Alexandra England