A Peruvian Inspired Bath to Boost your Spring/Summer Vibe!

A Peruvian Inspired Bath to Boost your Spring/Summer Vibe!

Do you feel tired? Drained? In a bad mood? Can’t sleep well? Are you just in a bad funk? Feel like nothing really goes your way lately?   It might be time for a ‘DESCARGA’ or  ‘PURIFYING’ Bath. Best done on waning moons.

The herbs, or ingredients to use for this type of bath should be on the detoxifying side.  Let me give you an example of a cleansing  ritual bath that you could do in the next paragraph. ‘ DESCARGA’ baths are ideal when the moon is waning or losing light as this is a time to detox and clear away obstacles before the new moon.  The new moon is a time when we set intentions. Blossoming baths ( coming up NEXT week) are ideal for new moons.


Light some palo santo, sage, or incense to purify your space

Play some soft music in the background

Write your intentions before preparing the bath

Add lime, lemon, or orange, to a big pot

Add rosemary, and cinnamon, and bring all to a boil

Wait until water cools down

You can drain the mix and pour into a bucket or big container

YOU HAVE TWO OPTIONS NOW: You can have a shower and then, pour the whole recipient from the top of your head down asking for a deep cleanse.  You can do an affirmation while the water is coming down your body.  This affirmation could sound like: ” I am gently letting go of that which does not serve me anymore. ” Or, ” I invite this water to cleanse and purify my mind, body, and spirit from any low vibration thoughts, actions, by me or sent for me now.” Or, You can have a bath and say your affirmations as you bathe. You can even add Epson salts to the bath.  Just make sure that when you submerge your head on the water you really connect with your intention of letting go of that which does not serve you.

REMEMBER: Intention is everything for baths! In Andean tradition, visualization and faith play a key part for rituals.  You have to believe in the power of your creation with baths, and in the power of the plants and ingredients that you are using. To learn more about baths, you can take my online class coming up soon.  I will be sharing details on my newsletter, on social media, and in here! Feel free to write comments/questions under & stay tuned for our blossoming bath next week! 🙂

Have a lovely beginning of May,


Alexandra England