3 easy ways to bring health and wellness into our homes, and work spaces

3 easy ways to bring health and wellness into our homes, and work spaces

In ancient cultures, rituals were a way to bless, to burn, and to transform. They were seen as bridges into the divine, and as portals of alchemical possibility. In many traditions in Peru, rituals are still a way of life. They are part of popular culture, and lived through the “mesas”, ceremonies, or invitations to live and feel the divine. Rituals are integrated into every day life through: architecture, food, fashion, beliefs, and a traditions.

Rituals are more powerful when done in community, and nature takes a major role in the rituals for wellness we offer through Peru Flow. Understanding nature opens up a whole spectrum of soul work. In Andean cosmology, for example, nature mirrors our soul progress through signs and serendipity events once the ritual begins.

Building a positive space at work or, at home becomes a necessity for best inner/outer connection.  Now, ‘How do we build a sacred space even when feeling overwhelmed, rushed, or disconnected?’  We have listed 3 ways in which to help you keep yourself in synch and feeling like a living ritual.

  • See breath as a sacred ally: allow yourself to breath in three times before entering any space, then set an intention. Do the same when you have left a space, to find closure just allowing your breath to bring you back to here and now, and into your body rythm.  This will train your mind to set an intention of authenticity and inner connection when entering a space, and to find closure when you are done a meeting.

  • Build YOUR sacred nook:   inviting your energy into your home or, office is all about creating a space for you to live your truth. Creating a space of power and safety is key to our personal wellness. Find a space that is YOURS, even if it’s a small space in your desk or, a room at home, where you can express your personality, and become inspired.

  • Use the elements: Fire, Water, Earth, and Air.  Give yourself enough exercise weekly. Move,  sweat,  release stagnant energy, and build overall wellness.  Give yourself enough water and fluids to help digestion and brain function. Go outside for walks and connect with nature on a regular basis. Invite fresh air into your home, or office! Burn some incense, or use essential oils to keep you feeling fresh and happy!

With Peru Flow, rituals are made to assist you in re-discovering and owning: bio-individuality,  unique gifts and likes, and a positive relationships with nature. We hope this helps in building sacred space on a regular basis!

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