How a Health Coaching session with Peru Flow can be about celebrating life!

How a Health Coaching session with Peru Flow can be about celebrating life!

We don’t need ‘perfect’ spaces, we need wholesome spaces to arrive fully in our vulnerability.  We need to go back to honour our cycles whenever we find ourselves like caterpillars in life! I was talking to a girlfriend today about perfectionism, motherhood, and about expectations in general.  As a recovering ‘perfectionist’ all I can say is ” damn right, sister.. I want to break FREE from anything that does not honor ALL of  ME!”

I’ve learnt to celebrate my  path to wellness. I am still learning to fall in love with my quirks, my body, my age, and my challenges. I know if you stopped by here, you are too.  I want to create a space to welcome all of YOU! I want to share health as a self-love practice for all womxn. I want to welcome independent womxn who value their career paths  and aspects of their archetypes in “maiden, mother, enchantress, and crone ” however that looks. I welcome multi-faceted souls who are looking to integrate many aspects of self… the pretty and the not so pretty.

I want the female identified voice to rise in acceptance, in  self-love, in pride for owning who we are… raw and unbound.

Let’s be honest here, we ALL need support to reach our goals. Specifically goals that we have been delaying, or putting away for different reasons…  I am here to provide with a soulful guide to Health Coaching for womxn like you and me! I want to welcome womxn who are ready to work in collaboration to honour lifestyle dreams and desires with love and accountability.

My dream for you is that you own a lifestyle suited for your life path and unique journey. My sessions are all about authenticity, progress, and acceptance. So much can heal in a Health session with a tea cup and some laughs. We are stepping into a path of honouring a soulful relationships to our bodies, minds, and spirits without comparisson.

I am here for a Spanglish bilingual community ; womxn living in Canada or the US.  Travelling womxn who love diversity! I invite those seeking to develop meaningful lifestyles and who seek professional Health Coaching to reach out via email: info@peruflow.ca

I can’t wait to meet phenomenal womxn just like you!


Alexandra England