4 efficient ways to welcome spring, allergy free & strong

4 efficient ways to welcome spring, allergy free & strong

If you have the luck to live in an area of extreme winter, you know that winter holds deep medicine. It has the power to empower, or lower our moods, depending on how we manage it.  The winter blah’s sometimes depend on the level of cold, stress, and daylight. Today, I want to chat about winter/spring transitions in order to  give our bodies and spirits the time, and the right nourishment they need to face a rapid increase in temperature, and light after months of hibernation. This is definitely good news but, because most of us tend to extremes, becoming aware of important seasonal transitions is what we are here for in order to help you soar.

In Ayurveda, or Vedic medicine, each season has its characteristic according to the Doshas. These Doshas have the qualities of FIRE (PITTA), AIR (VATA), OR EARTH (KAPHA).  For example, the end of the Fall into late winter is Vata season as the wind and the cold begin to influence or bodies. The Vata time of the year is cold, dry, light, and quick-moving.   The Pitta season, includes the  longest days of the year -from late spring into early fall when we have our hottest weather. Kapha season arrives now from the coldest part of winter into spring.  Kapha is characterized by cold weather, increased moisture (usually in the form of rain or snow), cloud-covered days, a sense of heaviness and the search for warmness that sends animals into hibernation. We are in Kapha season right now which means that we are waking up slowly from hibernation, waking up from a sense of heaviness, and seclusion. How to wake up in a happy transition, time is of utmost importance with any  seasonal transition.

For Kapha season we recommend 4 basic points that will prepare you for a wonderful transition into spring!

  • Go outside: Gradually increase your outdoor time.  Its best to grow accustomed to spending more time outdoors as the weather warms up.  Our general disposition might be to feel sluggish, and delay our outings given the changing weather, or we can have tendencies to become overtly excited as the weather warms up suddenly.  Ideally we want to be feeding our souls and spirits with the power of transitional exposure to outdoor settings and seasonal eating. We recommend nature walks, painting in nature, journaling, and becoming more creative in witnessing the changing seasons in a phased manner… After all, Mother Nature also transitions into Spring little by little.  We encourage nourishing your body with fresh & seasonal foods.  Exploring your local farmer’s market is key to growing your seasonal connection, and to building the necessary immunity for warmer weather.

  • Invite more fluid flow: Become more active in beating the sluggishness of Kapha. Use the fire of the “pitta energy” of warmer weather to develop a new connection with your body. After being indoors for many months, motivate yourself to sweat off the winter’s sedentary flow.  Sweating can be an answer to building immunity and a deeper connection with the natural, warmer rhythms. During seasonal transitions we recommend drinking more water, and inviting the body to detox to prepare ourselves for weather.  Detoxing does not have to be radical, we can invite more fluids into the body gradually. We can start with warm water and lime in the morning, or by letting go of the greasy, and heavier foods needed in the winter, to transition into more fresh and lighter meals.

  • Plan ahead: If you are allergic, like myself, to pollen and pine… plan ahead. Usually allergies come because the immune system is running low.  Make sure you give your body the proper extra care. In Ayurveda this care also depends on your body’s natural Dosha combination ( YES! Our bodies also have a unique Dosha) For finding your Dosha you can go into: https://www.banyanbotanicals.com/info/prakriti-quiz/  As a general: PITTA BODIES will be needing more water and cooling, fresh foods as the weather warms up, VATA BODIES will be needing to balance their air element which makes them a little emotional and gassy in changing seasons, and KAPHA BODIES will be needing to fuel their inner fire with more spice and activity to keep them away from sedentary life.  Seasonal changes are great times to self-reflect and to give yourself the right: body treatment, exercise, body work, nutrition, social circle, baths, alone time, reflection time, and self care rituals to make you self-aware and happy!

  • Do a home/work space cleanse: The energy of the seasons help us step into new conditions (new jobs, realizations, relationships, practices) but we can’t step into this new opportunities in a cluttered state of mind and space.  Marie Kondo, a famous Japanese organizing consultant and author says: “ when we really delve into the reasons for why we can’t let something go, there are only two: an attachment to the past or a fear for the future.” Let us transition into this spring with a bigger sense of awareness, courage, embodiment, and holistic joy!

  • Want to know more? Let us know  your thoughts and comments under! Also, I will be making a floral bath recipe for Spring. Make sure to follow us on instagram as I will be sharing it there.

WE WISH YOU TRANSITION INTO SPRING with a higher self of joy, connection, and presence!


Alexandra England