Why Whole Foods Heal You, Your Community, and the Earth!

Why Whole Foods Heal You, Your Community, and the Earth!

Picture the taste of fresh food…..The smell of a juicy pineapple! The scent of strawberries! The colour of fresh blueberries! Whole foods bring us pleasure.   They nourish us holistically. They come directly from the earth, and are ready to be enjoyed. Whole foods are in their natural state, free of preservatives, additives, and GMO’s.  They are grown in a healthy soil. They grow with respect and integrity to life. Consequently, they have the most amount of nutrients. We can see the imprint of the earth as we look at them. These foods are not packaged to fashion standards, they represent the earth in its raw regality.

Why can whole foods heal you, your community, and the earth?

After World War II, experimentation with pesticides, and GMO’s made its way to North America. Pesticides, additives, and chemicals were invited into our whole food produce. More and more our soil has been manipulated, and products handled in the interest of sales.  Through the years, mass production has been inviting more additives, and chemicals into our foods.. hence, health concerns in North America have been on the rise.

Moving to North America from Peru, has been a great opportunity to become a greater eco activist. Last time I came back from living in Peru for two years, I noticed the changes in my body as soon as I came back.  Allergies aroused, and my gut health, and general digestive health started reacting.  I became more mindful of my food choices. As soon as I changed to purchasing my food in Farmer’s markets, seeking organic produce, and locally grown foods… my body began to feel 100% better.  I call this period , the ” adaptation period.” My body had to pay homage to this land,
to its locally grown foods.  I could not adapt to being in Canada, without meeting its land’s produce.

Phytonutrients or, chemicals found in plants that help foster immunity. For example, the nutrients found in a locally grown superfood such as, blueberry have anthocyanins which are among the most unique of phytonutrients or nutrients found in plants. Blueberries are a very good source of vitamin K, vitamin C, and manganese. They are, as well, as a good source of fiber and copper. Once altered or manipulated,  and the nutrients of the soil changed, we cannot  receive the full benefits of our produce. This is why, protecting our soil and becoming informed of the quality of our food is so important. This sense of stewardess and responsibility, fosters more respect for our land, for ourselves, and for developing healthy relationships to the natural world.  Eating whole foods, can sustain positive thoughts, actions, and spiritual practices that can bring us back to building community and relating to the world in more personal ways.  We depend on one another to sustain our traditional practices. Every tradition has their own, and that helps us understand each ecosystem’s weather and natural needs.

Tonight let us sit together, have a meal, do a pot luck, enjoy the harvest, learn to support one another in harsh winters, etc.  By developing a community of respect for the native land, we are pro life.  Inevitably, plants grown in a good soil, provide with the right natural chemistry to foster immunity, humanity, and a general sense of wellness and connection to life.

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Alexandra England